Innovation and development


In 1971, Satêxtil produced for the linings and labels market, in a restricted circle of customers, but in large quantities.

With the expansion of the textile sector in the 90s, changes were introduced both in the type of customer and in the product. It was at this time that the product was oriented towards fashion and uniforms.

Initially, the focus was on plain fabrics and basic tones. Later, it began to focus on the colors and patterns of fashion market trends.

We started creating collections oriented towards the needs of customers, but also to find his own space for innovation. Through a specialized team in the Textile sector, both in design and in production, the company invested in innovation and development. Technical fabrics for uniforms, such as resistant to abrasive materials like bleach, liquid repellent, easier to wash and anti-microbial.

Innovation and development are the force that move us.